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Operation Lindsay (Search for Destiny - Getting It All Book 1) Rick Jackson

Operation Lindsay (Search for Destiny - Getting It All Book 1)

Rick Jackson

Kindle Edition
139 pages
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 About the Book 

“Hello?” I said tentatively! I was 4am“Rick? Rick? It’s Jenn! Help me …” I could hear desperation and tears“Hi Jenn, chill girl! What’s wrong?”“It’s Suz and me, we … Oh God! I didn’t know …” and ... I just went! She had uttered the magic work – Suzanne!That was the phone call that altered my life.Six Years LaterIt’s April, spring is supposed to be here. I’m sitting in the living room of my house I have owned for twenty plus years. The view was spectacular this morning. A blizzard had brought the city to a standstill. This used to bother me because I had to go out to work, I haven’t had to do that for years, I work from home. It is comforting to sit drinking warm cider and watching the natural gas flames in the fireplace. I should be warm, cozy, and happy sitting inside my home. But for the last few weeks I have been restless. Tawnya, my wife, is in the office down the hall. She is beautiful, pregnant with our little girl, due in late September. She is discussing our pending divorce which will probably be final at about the same time Ruth is born. The story of my life! Just thinking that makes me smile.“Rick? You bum! You didn’t make me any cider? No wonder I’m dumping you!” all this while she slips inside the afghan I’m warming under and slithers in to cuddle. I give her a sip of the cider and wrap my other arm around her. She coo’s a little or purr’s or whatever women do when they get comfortable. She seems to sense that my mind is elsewhere.“I’d offer a penny for your thoughts, but nowadays you don’t pay attention for anything less than a Krugerrand!”“Well, I’ll tell you for free since you are so cheap!” but I didn’t finish right away “I don’t know what to do. You know I’m fiddling with Toxic, which you think is entertaining. I feel something pulling me someplace, I just have no idea where. It’s like this weather “ I almost spilled some cider waving my hand towards the window “usually it calms me and I enjoy the fire, the great company, and the way it reinforces staying inside and warm. But today I am restless and want to move ... somewhere. And then there’s this pretty blonde that I’m married to, that’s having my little girl, but she’s divorcing me! Why? Because she loves me too much! She wants me to be happy! So a beautiful woman I love is divorcing me to make me happy!” Tawnya was laughing and tickling me, it doesn’t do much good because I am not really ticklish. She knew what was coming, she had heard it before. This time she said it herself.“You aren’t happy Rick! You need to find someone that makes you happy! You deserve it so much! I’m not the one, Suzie wasn’t either! Jenn ... well who knows when she’ll come out of the funk she’s in. You need to find someone special.”“Britney? ...”“Maybe, Hollywood? All those hot tartlets! You could wander thru all the latest tarts! Jump a few hot bods. Make all those women happy - discover the art of orgasms! Give, give, give! A man of your talents needs to give freely to women!”“Maybe I could give now? Love the one you’re with!” and I tickled her back.“No, silly! I want to hold you. When the weather clears you’ll be gone!”“I will? Where am I going?” but the restlessness was going away, I may not know consciously where I’m going, but my subconscious seems content “You sure you don’t want a little action baby?” and I wiggled her around.