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The Sparrow Conundrum Bill Kirton

The Sparrow Conundrum

Bill Kirton

Kindle Edition
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 About the Book 

Winner of the Humor section of the 2011 Forward National Literature Awards 2011. Winner also of the Big Als Books and Pals Readers Choice Award for Humor and Satire 2012.Chris Machin isn’t his name, at least not to the bottom feeders in Aberdeen squabbling over North Sea oil and gas contracts. Chris has a code name, and when his garden explodes, The Sparrow takes flight, plunging everyone involved into chaos and violence.A sociopathic cop and an interfering ex-girlfriend don’t exactly make for clarity of thinking, not when the one fancies a bit of violence to add spice to an arrest. The ex adds other, more interesting, dimensions to Chris’ already complicated life.The bodies pile up—some whole, some in fragments—and two wrestlers join the fray. A road trip seems just the solution but then so do Inverness, a fishing trawler and a Russian factory ship as the players face … The Sparrow Conundrum.